Your Local MOT Testing Centre In Hereford

Is your vehicle due its MOT test? Contact the team at Griffiths Auto Services.


MOT testing on all types of vehicles

An MOT is required if your car is over three year old. Our team of skilled mechanics can carry out comprehensive checks to ensure your vehicle complies with current road safety regulations. If your vehicle passes the MOT test, you will be issued an MOT certificate.

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, we can carry out the necessary repairs and retest the vehicle.

  • tyre

    Tyres and wheels

  • car

    Seat belts

  • steering wheel


  • brake


  • high-beam

    Lighting and signalling equipment

  • exhaust

    Exhaust, fuel and emissions

Qualified technicians

You can rest assured that the MOT tests are carried out by a team of qualified technicians. We will check all your vehicle's components to ensure that it's roadworthy. We use state-of-the-art testing equipment to complete MOT testing on a wide range of vehicles. From checking your car's lights and reflectors to assessing the wheels and tyres, we can do it all.